Thursday, July 19, 2007

Survivor Ukraine

After 1 week of camping I have returned refreshed and pondering the events of my adventure. For those who may be unaware as to where I camped...I will explain. Take 120 students and teens, boat them all out to an island (on the Dnipro river), add mosquitos, games, camp fires, tents, Bible teaching and fellowship. Mix together. What do you get? Survivor Ukraine! Its all good though because no one gets voted off and we all come back home encouraged in the Lord. This year's theme was Love and Go. Love God (vertical), Love others (horizontal), then Go and spread the good news. It was a great camp!

I took my daughter Josie this year. She is 5 going on 12. She supplied endless entertainment and displayed her drama skills often. These were some comments made by Josie-Jo (made while in hysterics)...

"I don't want to go into the deep part of the water with my floaties on." Why Josie? "Because the fishies might bite my floaties and pop them and I will sink."

"I don't want to eat Rzhshiv's food, I only to eat want Kaharlyk's food."

She is quite a character, that is for sure! Next year we are thinking about taking the whole fam!!!

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