Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bingo makes its way to Ukraine!

We celebrated another Golden Oldies night in Kaharlyk. We were not sure how the turnout would we because it was raining so hard. Josie and Jaden wanted to come and play a part in the festivities so I brought them along. Christy even had a hand in the night, though not there physically, her "American" lemon cake sure was a hit. We showed up and found out that the rain had put a damper on the plans so we just made up the schedule as we went. For the entertainment, I played a few songs and a babushka read a few of her poems. Then we introduced them to the wonderful world of "Bingo". I found this bingo set while I was in America at Walgreens. I wanted to bring it to Ukraine and see if it would work out here. The elderly in America play this game often. Magdala printed up more game cards and the kids helped her with numbered balls. It was a hit...maybe we will have more bingo nights in the future!


waterblogger said...

It looks a lot of fun.

Оксанка said...

It's great to see so many babushkas there! It's my dream - church full of them together with young ones! Praise the Lord!
Oksana from Chernigiv