Friday, September 7, 2007

Kids start "kid's garden"

So, the kids have finally started at the "kid's garden" here in town. It was quite a process to get them signed up and have all the required tests and paperwork done. The first day went well. Josie was thrilled to start and her teacher said she did wonderful and fit right in. Jaden was very unsure, but went along with things. Jeremy cried a little at first, but settled in nicely. According to Josie, "I like school so much! The teacher picked my picture to show the class because I am very good at drawing. And I like the food we eat, it's delicious!" Jaden said, "My teacher is pretty. She has gold teeth. But I really don't want to go anymore." Jeremy said, "I have friends, Mommy! And I sleeped on a pillow!" They will attend 5 days a week from 8-5pm. That feels like a lot to me, but Micah and I agreed that it will be good for them right now to get adapted to the culture and start learning the language. I think we will take it month by month and just see how they do. This will give Micah and I more free time together, which we really need!

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