Friday, July 24, 2009

Misssion Team from Arizona

Pastor Chris Ward from Calvary Chapel Maricopa Arizona recently came to Kaharlyk once again. This time he brought a team of 9 excited youths and leaders ready to serve and be a blessing to those they would encounter. We had a great time with the team worshiping, patching walls for our future coffee shop and helping the elderly with some much needed jobs. They finished up their 2 week outreach with Camp 120. I liken it to Survivor Ukraine. It's basically a week long camp for Ukrainian Christian youths and takes place on an island off of the Dnipro river. It's truly "roughin' it", camping in tents and fighting off mosquitos, but it is definitely a highlight of the year. The team had a great time hanging out with the Ukrainian youth and made it through a very unique camping experience!

Looking back, Christy and I were truly blessed by this team and their love for the Lord. We know that God worked through them in ministering to others, as well as in their own hearts. Many of them have already discussed a future trip possibly in the winter or next summer. Either way, we would love to see them again.

For more stories and pics check out their blog

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