Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Christy's Birthday

We are so blessed to have great friends here that offer to watch our kids so that Christy and I can get away together. For Christy's birthday, we took a day trip to Kiev. We checked out the mall, Caravan, where we had some good coffee, window-shopped, went bowling, and had some yummy soup bread bowls for lunch. It was chilly outside, but we still enjoyed a walk along the river. For dinner, we tried out one of the many theme restaurants that are just outside of Kiev on the road heading back to Kaharlyk. The one we chose was called Three Musketeers. It was actually very had ducks, swans, and even a petting zoo. We were the only ones dining in the restaurant, which gave it a very romantic feel. It was a nice get-away and I think Christy had a very relaxing and enjoyable birthday!

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