Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been tagged! (Christy's turn)

So, I have noticed lots of my friends being tagged lately and I was wondering when it would be my turn. Thanks to Edna, I can share a few things about myself with whoever cares. These are supposed to be 7 weird or random things about myself...and, well, they aren't really that weird, but anyway, here goes...

1. I love to bake muffins. I could eat them every morning. All kinds too...my favorite is strawberry/banana. Now, my kids are really into them too and ask me faithfully every night before they go to bed to bake them some muffins in the morning.

2. I love to entertain my kids by dancing around in the living room to music from their kids' shows. My favorite is to dance to the Wiggles. Something about the catchy tunes they sing makes me feel quite silly.

3. I absolutely love naps! My favorite time to nap is actually right after breakfast. I have always been able to wake up early with no problem, but for some reason after I eat something, I get really sleepy.

4. My favorite thing to wear is sweats. I have always cared more about comfort than fashion. Nowadays you can find some pretty stylish matching sweatsuits. I think I would like some pink ones with rhinestones!

5. When I was growing up, I changed the spelling of my name 4 times. My full name is Christina, but I always went by the shorter version. I spelled it Kristy, Christi, Christie and what I use now, Christy.

6. I love to watch American football. When I am at football gatherings, I find myself always drawn to watch it, usually with all the guys, instead of chatting with the girls. My dad was a football fan and taught me everything about the game. He was also a huge Bronco fan...which I also am. I am rooting for the Cardinals for the Superbowl...love that Kurt Warner!

7. My favorite place in the world is Maui, Hawaii. We took our honeymoon there and went back a few years later for my sister's wedding, which Micah performed on the beach. I think it is the most beautiful place on earth, of what I have seen thus far in my life. I would like to go back on our 20 year wedding anniversary!

OK, so I can tag 5 people now. I choose...
1. Lori Gossenauer
2. Cassie Walters
3. Cheryl Lyons
4. Tanya Susidko
5. Karie Hughes

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