Saturday, October 18, 2008

Time in Kiev, New Friends, and Cleaning up...

Last week, Micah and I got away to Kiev for a night. With NO KIDS! We did have a few errands to take care of, but after that, we took it easy and tried to enjoy the city. It seems that whenever we are in Kiev, we are either running lots of errands, stuck in traffic or trying to handle four hyper kids in the van. So, it was so nice to have no agenda and no distractions and be able to focus on each other. We ate at a wonderful Chinese restaurant, had lots of yummy coffee drinks, strolled the city streets and did a bit of shopping. We also visited the Lavra Monastery. It was such a nice get-away for us and we look forward to the next one!!!

We have enjoyed getting to know the Crowe family, who moved to Ukraine a few months ago. We traveled out to their place for dinner and fellowship. The kids were very excited to see their new friends and we were happy to catch up with Bruce, Deb and Cassie!

We had our annual fall church clean-up day. It mostly consists of raking the leaves into piles and hauling them away. The kids got in on the action and were actually very good helpers. The best part of raking is jumping into the leaves, but they were a bit too wet for that this time.

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Greg and Edna Silva said...

Sounds like a fun and relaxing date! We will have to try that someday. :)