Monday, July 21, 2008

Friends from Arizona

We have had a great time with Pastor Chris and his son Aaron from CC Maricopa. They have had a chance to see what the Lord is doing behind the scenes here in Kaharlyk. They have been staying at the church in the newly renovated guest room. Right now, the new remodeled kitchen serves as a popular hangout for most ministry in church. Chris and Aaron have not seemed to mind the constant activity around them. Yesterday, we went to the park and stadium to ride bikes and after had lunch in front of the church. We also had an opportunity to help Baba Olya prune her trees in her yard. It was a major job, and she was extremely grateful. After, she had us sit and eat borscht, sala, bread and cucumbers. It was a good cultural experience for Chris and his son and a chance to see Ukrainian hospitality and food.

Our family has also found some relaxing time to eat and fellowship. It has been a blessing having them here and we are discussing plans for a future trip with a team next summer.

I took this picture because it reminded me of what patience looks like. One guy, one small lawnmower and one giant soccer field...does "job security" come to mind?

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