Thursday, December 27, 2007

Josie and Jaden's holiday programs at school...

Josie and Jaden had their holiday programs at school today. Unfortunately, I had to stay home with the baby and Jer-bear, who wasn't feeling well. Micah did capture lots of pictures and video of the events, so I could see just how adorable they looked! One thing we are learning about Ukrainian culture is they love to dance. Here are some cute pics and a special video!


MIMI said...

Hey, I believe they have the MIMI dancing gene!
Way to go Jaden and Josie, that was great!

Karie Hughes said...

I loved watching Josie twirl around and around and Jaden's wave was great too!

Ethan Larson said...

Hey Claycamps!!! Gretchen and Peter LOVE seeing the kids on the videos dancing etc!! Gretch especially loved seeing Josie in her beautiful dancing costume...Ochen Krasyvia!! and being twirled by her dance partner. Peter loved that the reindeer games and that one was named "peter" (not that they even remember him)
Hope all is well with you! Hope we can take another trip to UKR this spring and swing through Kargy!

Danny and Liese said...

Hope you guys had a good, uneventful flight back to the states. I meant to call before you left but time got away from me. We miss you already. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and Mexican food.


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