Friday, November 23, 2007

Outreach at the Disco...

The Chai nights are starting to become a regular event. It's an outreach opportunity where we set up a table and hot chai or coffee and serve it for free. The goal is to build relationships and create a bridge for sharing the gospel. We normally have our table set up by the center market, but this time I felt inclined to try something different. Where would we go, I was asked. Let's go where the youth are! Let's go to the disco! A couple of those who were with me were intimidated and said no...but deep inside I felt we should do it. There are times in my life where the Lord prompts me to step out of my normal and comfortable routine. Many times this is where I see God work. So, I explained that to my friends who were with me and we headed out.

We pulled my van just outside of the disco and set up the table and drinks. I opened the tailgate of my van and plugged in my amp. I started playing and soon a crowd was coming over. Playing outside when its 2 degrees is a new experience, but I thought, hey, maybe the Lord will bless it. My friends who came started talking to friends from their school and soon they invited others for a hot cup of tea. There were those that were interested in playing the guitar so I insisted they do it. I got their name and mobile number as well because it seems there is an interest here to form a group and just jam. This could be a possible bridge I am pursuing it. Looking back, I shared with my friends the importance of just stepping out. God loves these youth more than any of us could and He is wanting to work. Tonight was another example of that. We left encouraged in our faith, and excited for what future doors will open.

ps...Check out how we spent our Thanksgiving on the Footes blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey bro, love the header. You're the Love Machine so those must be all yo babies you made. Right on!

Danny said...

Conor just wants you to know that he didn't write that.