Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chai Outreach

Friday night we had our first outreach for the youth group. Petya, Cergei, Volva, Lenna and myself planned to serve chai outside the Boomi. The goal of the night was to meet youth and develop friendships. We decided to go where they hang out and just love them through serving free chai. I brought along my guitar and portable amp as well. It was a great draw and many youth played my guitar as well. It seems there may be an opportunity to have a jam session with guitars here in the near future. As I was watching the night unfold, I am amazed at what is happening as I help lead our small youth group into ministry and reaching out. I said to one of our leaders as we were serving chai, "you see all these kids, this is going to be our future youth group, keep praying and lets see what the Lord does."