Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Upcoming travel plans, treeforts, and a helping hand

We will be heading off to Hungary on Saturday to attend the Foundations Conference. This week-long conference was highly recommended to us by other missionaries and we are very excited to go. The drive might prove to be a challenge with 4 kids, but we have some help with 3 other adults driving with us. It should be an adventure! We are truly looking forward to a week of good teaching, worship and activities to occupy our children. Oh, and a pool and coffee shop sound pretty great also. Our former pastor from Denver, Tom Stipe, will be teaching and it will be great to catch up with him.

Our lives have recently been made easier by the arrival of Michelle Hopkins from Phoenix. She is staying with us for 6 weeks to help us out with the kids and with anything else we or the church might need. It has been a week so far and it has been wonderful to have the extra help. The kids took to her right away and they have already had some adventures together. I feel like I am getting a bit spoiled, but I am going to enjoy it while I have it!

What is it with kids and trees? Climbing trees and playing in treehouses are memories I have from my childhood and it is fun to see our kids finding that same joy. Micah built them a treefort the other day. Josie has already called for clubhouse meetings of the "Three J's" and they have decorated the sides of the fort with markers. He even added a hose tied to a tree limb for them to slide down. Oh, the simple pleasures of childhood...

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